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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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congressman trent franks and ambassador alton are among our guests on monday and please join melissa on "after the bell" at 4:00 p.m. right here on "fox business" every week day.od nigm gregg jarrett in for lou. kennedy: tonight the president is threatening a shutdown unless congress funds his wall. bret baier has the scoop. espn digging a deeper hole for itself over a memo, a reporter, a football game in charlottesville. and what are the worst and best college degrees for getting a great-paying job? brian brenberg breaks count list. when looking at president trump's poll numbers and his base how far can you go.
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useless democrats tomorrow noip resistance and obstruction. the president has no choice but to follow through on promises made to voters who feel the free world leader can do no wrong. the government shutdown gives us another reason to actively resent d.c. or the swamp. the president promised a government shut down if the beautiful wall isn't funded. the problem is democrats hate the president so much they will do anything and everything to deny him even a minor victory. they want to wound him and run him out of office and they know the wall is the most of important thing in his world. and it means too much to serve
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up a hot loss by denying him that loss. the president had the horrible poker face and if he wants to make good on promises he will trade the bluster for finesse and figure out how once again to be prince charming or he can kiss the wall, economic recovery and a second term good-bye. hello to you, let's do it. i'm kennedy. build that wall! that was one of the president's rallying cries on the campaign trail. but is it worth a government shutdown? and who will blink first in the president or congress. joining me is the host of "special report" bret baier.
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let's discuss what are the chances we'll see in just a few short weeks a government shutdown? >> well, i think they are increasing as you see this game of legislative chicken playing out between the president and congress. the funny thing is the house already funded the wall in its homeland security budget. but it has to get through the senate. there is a lot of hurdles that have to happen and negotiations. right now we are in a public back and forth between the president, mitch mcconnell, president and paul ryan, and it's unusual it's unique for members of the the same party to be kinds of publicly going back and forth. the president, this is his tactic. he those it out there. i think there is a decent chance this can get through. but it will be painful before you get there. >> is there a way of raising the
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debt ceiling and coming up with a budget that doesn't include wall funding that still doesn't equal a big loss for the president? bret: it's the classic thing in washington which is called the punt. that's a continuing resolution that punts the tough decisions down the road a little bit. i don't know if washington is going to go for that. the debt ceiling is separate. they will have to figure out a plan and a way to raise the debt ceiling. but as far as the wall and the budget. they finds the as it is now and battle over the rest in coming months. that's usually how it works there. this may be different this year. republicans may have votes they don't know they have yet. for example, democratic senator menendez is currently in a corruption trial in new jersey and the judge said he had to stay there physically.
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that means potentially he will this big votes. potentially the democrats will have one less vote and the republicans will have one more. it's all about senate math. kennedy: but senator mccain is also receiving treatment for his brain tumor, so that sort of evens itself out mathematically. but the big question is what are they going to get done between now and the end of the year? we know there are only 12 letting lie tough days and there are so many big ticket items on the agenda. bret: democrats will try to throw a wrench into the gears a number of different ways and times. but they don't have the votes to be able to really do that. tax reform i think is the big question.
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whether something big or something not even huge, but something on tax reform, a "w," forms sometime in the fall, especially with pressure against democrats facing reelection in states that donald trump won. kennedy: qua what if they don't get tax reform before the end of the year? what does it do to mid-terms. >> it makes it tougher. they have gone the some things done. but on the congressional side it has been big ticket items have been short in supply. kennedy: big ticket items. let's talk about healthcare. the president still tweeting this morning @megynkelly about not having some sort of solution with 7 years to stew about failing obamacare. so how does that inject itself into the next.
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if mitch mcconnell is saying we have got to move on. we need political victories. is there something practical going on with the president's hah ranging or is it time to really november past healthcare? bret: that's where the senate wants to be. the leadership wants to move on and fight another day. but i'm not sure healthcare is done. they will have to do something to shore up the understand markets and there is a bipartisan effort under way to do that. but it won't be pleasant for conservatives who have been trying to repeal and replace obamacare for 7 years. i think they may bring it up again, and that will be another one of these battles that we'll see. don't be surprised if you tie debt ceiling to something else. kennedy: that commonly happens.
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i won't be surprised to see something tethered to that. the president's relationship with the most of pourful republican on cap til potentially taking a turn for the worst. one day after both sides promised to smooth things over. the "new york times" reported the path and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell have not spoken in weeks. and both sides released statements saying the two men were working towards common goals and would have a citydown sometime next month. but this morning the president launched another missile. that tweet, the only problem i have with mitch mcconnell is after hearing repeal and replace for 7 years, he failed. that should never have happened. so much for smoking the peace pipe, boys.
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let's go to my party panel, katie pavlich, anthony fisher, and a former state department spokesperson and fox news contributor. marie harf. katie, i will start with you. how deep is the divide between the president and the senate majority leader? >> it's close to the bottom of the grand canyon, but that doesn't mean they can't hike out of it. mitch mcconnell rating in ken you ski is 18% -- in kentucky is 18%, and the president's is 60%. there is time to get things done. if we are going to talk about infrastructure or tax reform, these are the things they have to focus on.
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if they are not going to be able to come together and stop publicly humiliating each other, it's not going to be an easy road ahead at the end of the year. kennedy: they have got the hat trick, the house, the senate and the presidency. and you have got two leaders from the same party who aren't even talking. >> 7 months into the administration. kennedy: 7 years. >> if this was right before the mid-terms and it look like association with trump was hurting the republican brand i could see this. but we are so far away from this it's insane. mitch mcconnell is hoping the president will get distracted and he's hoping this will blow over and trump will be paying attention to something else.
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kennedy: i look at some of the comments paul ryan made at that boeing factory in washington state. they know the president gets personally upset when he get attacked or slighted. when mitch mcconnell talked about the president's expectations and putting too much pressure on the legislative timeline. so they are trying to be politicians and straddle the chasm that is become more and more impossible. do they divorce themselves from a toxic presidency some have said, including steve bannon is over. >> they need each other. and they both have legitimate grievances. mitch mcconnell is not wrong, when donald trump attacks republican senators by name and
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changes the message and goes off course, that hurts the republican congress' ability to get things done. and donald trump isn't wrong. when he was still doing the apprentice, mitch mcconnell was talking about repeal and replace. donald trump was not wrong to assume when he became president these republicans who had been running on it would have a plan. for me, i think the president is looking strategy. tore me it feels like he's shifting the blame away from himself which ultimately will hurt the party in 2018. kennedy: i don't think these are impulsive acts. there is thought that goes into this. he knows if he loses on tacks like he lost on healthcare, he will have to show voters he has
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been pushing for the same thing. >> jeff flake has been attacked by the president, john mccain has been attacked by the president. mitch mcconnell doesn't like this because he's a party guy. but if you go back to this rally. people are not happy with jeff flake. arizona has been one of the worst states for the consequences of obamacare and premium increases. so mitch mcconnell can protect the good old boys' club, their could be city went are on the side of the president. they felt like they were told over and over, we just need a republican white house. here you go. we bit our lips and voted for donald trump regardless of whether we wanted to because the party said we had to. now you are blaming them.
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kennedy: mcconnell is a survivor and his wife is in the president's cabinet. she is the secretary of transportation. so that has to create another layer of awkwardness. >> i believe he will survive this. kennedy: does he get traded? >> he need a le bron. kennedy: who is le bron? >> that's the question. jeff flake is more conservative than donald trump. trump doesn't like him because he criticized him personally. kennedy: the president picking a fight with fellow republicans. different republicans this time, over the russian investigation. i'll ask jason chaffetz if the president is hurting himself politically when he goes after politically when he goes after his allieieieieie
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kennedy: the president reportedly lashed out at a pair of republican senators in the ongoing russia investigation. report claims in a late july
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phone call president trump complained to tennessee senator bob corker that sanctioned for its interest force in the 2016 election. the special counsel investigating trump's own possible ties to russian election interference. the white house acknowledges both private phone calls but declined to offer any specifics. can president trump afford to continue pushing away members of his own party? here to answer that question is utah congressman and fox news contributor, jason chaffetz. it's exciting, all of these developments. but we are all curious where this end. what is the point of the senate having a bill that curtails the president's ability to fire a special counsel?
5:20 am
>> i think the president can stand up for himself and you want a president, unlike president trump who interacts -- unlike president obama who actually interacts with congress. i want that discussion to happen. it end up they pass the bill out of the senate and the house that the president didn't like, but he still signed it. kennedy: he signed that sanction bill and there were those who thought he wasn't going to do it because he was opposed to it. some said he was hamstrung by it. >> this is the process the way it's supposed to work. my frustration during the obama administration, the president would never have a discussion with you about this. with senator tillerson's bill, i'm with the * on this one. to curtail the ability of the
5:21 am
president who is the on duly elected constitutional officer in charge of the executive branch, i think it's unconstitutional, it's unwise and it should not move baits was the president-elected to run the executive branch. kennedy: if you have a president from power who is not from your party at some point from the future and that person is doing ethically questionable thing, don't want to make sure that office of special counsel operates independently? >> not independently. the role of congress is to provide the check and balance. kennedy: doesn't it come from the department of justice and the attorney general. >> that's one method to do that. but it's the congress that's supposed to do that. that's the way the constitution is set up.
5:22 am
kennedy: people can land in jail if they perjure themselves. >> if i have to go and get that subpoena, there should be an expedite the way to get to the judicious branch. but what senator tillis was doing was taking that out of the hands of congress, and giving it to a three panel of judges yet to be named. kennedy: maybe he feels there is not proper oversight. >> that's the senators' job. kennedy: if you are the wolf should you be overseeing the hen house? as far as congress, one of my problems even watching your committee is some of your peers when you were indeetd chairman of the oversight committee, all they did was grandstand. they didn't ask the right questions and elicit proper facts. it was more about getting time
5:23 am
on camera to make their own political case. it was soft balls or anvils. >> i got a nice list of people who should have come better prepared to ask questions. you would be amazed how many times we have people in for a transcribed interview or deposition where they have to raise their right hand. kennedy: i'll bet the interface with witnesses behind closed doors is different. is the president justified pushing back on senators on russian bills? >> the senator tillis bill was ridiculous. you don't punt and give somebody else the oversight responsibility. that's the job of the united states senate and house of representatives. kennedy: that was the basis of some of jeff flake's critique saying there has been so much
5:24 am
power concentrated in the presidency that congress has to fight to get their share back. so in that regard are people in congress right to push back and openly criticize the president to get some of their powers back? >> senator jeff flake is absolutely spot on. congress has been a threat nick their ability to call out the executive branch no matter who is in the white house. they always talk about the power of the purse, but they never really use it. you can't get to court to extract documents. kennedy: no one in d.c. is properly accessorized. >> i got a new tie. i don't know where it's made. kennedy: it probably wasn't made in a nice factory in oklahoma or
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kennedy: welcome to you and yours. espn continues to wrestle with political correctness and the internet continues to body slam for it one week after deciding to remove a broadcaster from the university of virginia football game because his name is robert lee. john skipper said espn's regional staff was concerned the announcer's well being. so consulted with shim directly and he expressed personal trepidation about the assignment and when offered the youngstown state/pitt game instead. was it possible there was a logical explanation for this?
5:30 am
the party panel is back. katie pavlich, and marie harf. you had a tweet that went somewhat viral. >> reuters tweeted espn removed a robert lee doppelganger. it was point out to me that it's one of the lower tiered definitions. it was not about similar names or faces. so robert lee whether or note volunteered for the new assignment or not, it's just disturbing that we are creating
5:31 am
problems that don't exist. kennedyexist.ken espn said he was take off for his own protection. to be fair, there are crazy people on the internet. there are crazy people everywhere. we can't run our lives based on that. >> this is 14 steps way too far. i would guess espn would do things differently now, pore i wish they would. kennedy: this is 100 times bigger if espn said that could be problematic. >> the only explanation is espn thought our college snowflakes on campus were so offended they had to make sure robert lee did not go to this game. why haven't we heard from robert lee. why is the president of espn issuing these statements.
5:32 am
i guarantee you they are telling him not to talk about it. the first statement was necessity eventually came to this conclusion. and why is it not discrimination that they swiped a job from an facial american announcer because he has the same name of a dead white guy. kennedy: which happens to be the most of popular surname in korea. espn should stop talking about politics. >> huge southern university college fans. kennedy: online mobs may be small in number but huge in power as you are seeing here. that's the new message in a bloomberg article that explains
5:33 am
how corporations are repeatedly making decisions to appease trolls on social media. some people were upset because the alleged killer in charlottesville was driving one of their vehicles. and pepsi pulled this commercial. cash night sugar brings the world together. yeah. they were hammered with tweets claiming it was an insult to the black lives matter movement. countless people have lost their jobs after winding up on the wrong side of the twitter mob. but why do companies continue to follow the demands of the outrage police and will there
5:34 am
ever be a day when corporate america grows a pair of -- maria, we see it on both sides. the president's defenders take to twitter to defend him. the president himself uses social media to create outrage. >> i am not on twitter anymore. i deactivated my account a few months ago because i think it has become a cesspool of crap. i do think it's become a nasty place. and i think the corporations responds if people on twitter or online are able to pro note boycotts, i think that's when it starts to hate their bottom line. if it's just a p.r. problem, the world is much bigger than twitter. companies and people need to start looking at it that way and
5:35 am
stop being so obsessed with it. kennedy: it's pretty incredible when they pull down human statues. they can get companies scared enough. they are like puffer fish who people gigantic and lethal. >> it's funny to see who survivors. bill maher got in trouble tore saying the "n" word on a television show and he just waited it out and hb sphorks waited it out with him. it may help that there are no ises on hbo. but' bosses can decide to say i'm sorry. it doesn't have to be an automatic thing. >> i think social media takes away the ability for people of to be human make mistakes. people are expected to never say anything they maybe regret.
5:36 am
when it comes to the outrage machines it's actually stuff that isn't that outrageous. i think companies start panicking and don't separate is this just an online mob or are they real customers. sometimes the people protesting aren't customers of the company. it's unfair and unjust. kennedy: companies have to figure out how serious and how real is this. it can be a hologram mob. >> all spokes people will soon be automated. >> tech companies need to figure out the online harassment. these tech companies have work to do in the harassment space. and when take to twitter and attack you and say, you know,
5:37 am
things that cross the line to threatening violence. thank you guys so much. marie, anthony and katie. it is the ends of summer and college students heading back to campus to start another year of higher learning. but what degrees give you the best bang for your buck. brian brenberg breaks it down for us. what is the most of valuable what is the most of valuable college major? ♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together...
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kennedy: before the break i asked ways the most of valuable college major, pre-med, architecture, pharmaceutical sciences for petroleum engineers. the answer is petro engineering. they looked at unemployment rates and meade yab income to determine the value of certain majors. the top three degrees are rounded out by medical sciences and geophysical sciences. fine arts, and the least valuable of all is clinical psychology.
5:42 am
what can parents do to insure a good-paying job to pay off their sloons when they graduate. so let's discuss this. it's one of the hardest things you gram with when you get into college. what am i going focus on. i have to study something that will get me through life and get me a good-paying job. >> sometimes we focus too much on the means instead of the end. what is that some place good and how do you get there? if you focus too much on the major, you lose sight of where you are going and you end up in one of these grow programs that sounds like, but nobody who gets that degree ends up in the job they think they will ends up in. kennedy: there is very little incentive for most of schools to
5:43 am
help students find degrees to pay off their debts. >> schools spend a lot of money on new buildings and administrators. they are happy to sell you any college grow they can put together that sounds attractive to you whether or not it gets you anywhere. kennedy: they don't care it's about the sales list. it says engineering good, fine arts bad. you just need to know there will be a struggle there. if that's where your passion is and you don't minds sharing things in life like bathrooms and apartments, and your parents' money, then go for it. >> it shouldn't be a discouragement for somebody to study that. the degree by itself won't get you a job. you have got to get out and get the work experience and built the relationships that help you
5:44 am
get into the things you want to ultimately make a career out of. employers don't care that much about your major except in the hard sciences. and they look at your resume, they look at your work experience and that's how they judge you. you can't just go to college and think i'm going to sit there for four years and voilà, i'm ready to go. kennedy: petroleum engineering is calling your name. thank you so much for being there. he's an oil man by trade. a chicken walked into a monkey enclosure in a zoo. assuming you like spicey drumsticks. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy.
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kennedy: the following stories were picked out by my staff. very hard working people. they were waiting for the bar to open at 9:00 this morning. they wouldn't have been anywhere near a bar if the post office delivered our booze on time it's thursday. thanks. this is the "topical storm." topic number one.
5:49 am
we begin at israel's safari zoo where a chicken walked into the monkey enclosure and i'll let you guess what happened next. let's have a look, kids. the zookeepers say her maternal instincts kicked in when the chicken wandered into her pen. she said i have kids to feed, so let's have chicken legs. primates don't eat meat. they killed the ching for fun. a british news anchor brought a mom and her kids on air to talk about milk allergies, only to have the kids go nuts and have
5:50 am
the kids claim all over his desk. what kind of moron would put kids on tv. this is the best show in cable news. well, the kids on my show. they were better than the kids on the bbc. check this out. is that stuart varney? the anchor says let's talk about milk allergies, and the kids are like, what have you got in your wallet. let's talk about jungle gyms. for the record, kids would never disrespect my desk like that. or i'll tell you our cameraman clark would tase them and throw them into a dumpster.
5:51 am
if you don't believe me ask our resources department. topic number three, the fine press conference for saturday's mega fight and there is nothing left to do now but blow your hard-earned money on an overhyped fight that will make them $200 million a piece. 93% of the bets have been placed on mcgray gore. on d mcgregor. michael moore has a better chance of winning mr. universe. or modeling for victoria's secret than connor does of winning this fight. the on way connor pulls this
5:52 am
thing off is if employed gets contact high from walking into the ring with justin bieber. even then it's 50-50. topic number four. of course you will need mood to eat while you are watching the big fight and i suggest going to chick-fil-a, unless your wife is in labor and you are supposed to be driving her to the hospital. a dad-to-be stopped off at chick-fil-a on the way to the hospital. now they have a stork on their front lawn that says it's a divorce. chierp, sister, at least he didn't take you on a sunday. topic number five.
5:53 am
we can't step up it. when reached the time of week where you raise yourself-esteem by lowering mine. this is viewer mail. jim says, being a libertarian does not mean you can complain about everything. kennedy: yes, it does. we don't belong to either major party and they all suck, so we tell you about it. eric says, kennedy has it wrong. call me, i will explain. jim go call eric so eric can also complain to you. larry thinks, so you voted for hillary? i thought you were more intelligent. have you ever watched this show? have you ever heard me rail on and on against that war mongering harpy? i never would have voted for her.
5:54 am
i would call you a really mean word right now, but gary my boss would send me an email and probably come by my office. walt tweeted, my bucket list, have a martini @kennedynation. you are in luck because the staff was successful at the bar. billy joel brings it home, some kay i see you without glasses. i mean they are cool. but i would like to see you without them just one. billy joe. you are a pervert. you would much sooner see me without clothing than without glasses. because improbably looking for my dress somewhere. are you missing a father figure in japan? you can rent a dad. that's truth and i will explain copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better,
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5:59 am
anti-baking crusade. it's a people loanout business where you can rent a dad for a little over $400. you can buy a parental stand-in for weddings. these momentary parents can be farmed out when you need to seem normal to a new fiance. if your abandonment issues haven't gotten you to the alter and you need someone to snuggle with, head to the cuddle cafe. for $54 you can have someone hold you in a polite and clean knock sexual embrace for a full hour which is thrilling for lonely rising sun millennials and better than a pile of bread sticks. thank you for watching the show tonight.
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you can follow me on twitter and instagram. always giving you a digital snuggle. good night. >> amid the terror of hitler's bombs... >> the airpower of the nazis was turned against britain. >> unmistakable voice rallies the brits. >> i have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. >> you think churchill saw his lisp as beneficial? >> what hitlerism is suffering in libya is only a sample and a foretaste of what we have got to give him and his accomplices. >> it was such an inspiring speech that it just worked magic on people. >> his dental tech worked magic, too. >> churchill said to my father, "you're not going anywhere. you're staying here with me." >> how did he earn a place in history? >> when you opened the box, what did you see? >> well, i saw some teeth staring at me.


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